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It's a Zeiger thing
It's a Zeiger thing
Posted on 06/01/2018
Ed Zeiger

“It is a Zeiger thing . . .  you wouldn’t understand,” is the logo on the spirit wear at Zeiger Elementary. The “Zeiger thing” is part of a pledge. Every day after the pledge of allegiance, students at Zeiger recite the Zeiger Pledge. The pledge promises today, and every day, students and staff will be responsible, respectful, prepared, safe, and kind. If you are familiar with the naming of Zeiger Elementary, you would understand “It is a Zeiger thing.”Zeiger with students

On May 4, 1997, Zeiger Elementary was named after Puyallup School District educator, Edward “Ed” Zeiger. Zeiger is described as a man of integrity, kind, respectful, and always encouraging students to do their best. It is everything the Zeiger Pledge stands for.

Zeiger began his education career in the Puyallup School District on September 1, 1952. He worked at Maplewood, Firgrove, Stewart, Wildwood, Pope, and Sunrise elementary schools. He retired in 1994.

The excellence and integrity Zeiger amplified during his career did not go unnoticed. He received multiple awards:

    •     * Daffodil Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Council’s Golden Acorn Award
  •     * Distinguished Principal Award from the Association of Puyallup School Principals

  •     * Christa McAuliffe Award for Excellence in Education

  •     * Inauguration of the Edward Zeiger Award. The award is given annually from the Daffodil PTA              Council to an individual who embodies Zeiger's ethic of service to the educational community.

  • Zeiger PTA wanted the students to know the significance of the Zeiger Pledge and more importantly the man behind the name.

As a representative of the Hanslocal Kiwanis Club, Zeiger regularly attends the Terrific Kids Assemblies at the elementary schools across the district. Zeiger PTA knew this would be the perfect time to honor him.

In attendance at the assembly, unbeknownst to him, was his family, friends, and former colleagues. Many were wearing the infamous “It is a Zeiger thing” t-shirt.

Zeiger’s grandson, Senator Hans Zeiger, spoke some “words of wisdom” he had received from his grandfather over the years. Hans’ word reiterated the genuine characteristics of the man being honored.  

The district is proud to have a school named after a distinguished educator, Ed Zeiger, and privileged for the years of service he gave to the students and community of Puyallup.