Thank you to Staff from the Superintendent and Board of Directors
Thank you to Staff from the Superintendent and Board of Directors
Posted on 06/18/2014
SuperintendentTo Our Puyallup Staff,


I wish to extend a thank you from the Board of Directors, and my personal thanks, to each and every member of our team certificated and classified, who have supported the great work that has been done this school year in service to our students.


We have made very significant strides, which have built upon the very strong work of the past and moved our service to our students forward in line with the strategic directions of our board.  Most importantly, it has been very gratifying to see the support that is provided to our students in every area of the school district.  During the commencement ceremonies it was wonderful to hear our students express their appreciation for all of the learning and support that they received over their many years in our schools. Well done to our entire team!


As the 2013-14 school year comes to a close, please know that your work with our children and your support of “each child” is deeply appreciated.  I hope that each of us has an enjoyable summertime and that as we look forward to the coming school year we will be able to continue our great progress in service to our students.




Dr. Timothy S. Yeomans