Message from the Superintendent - Sept. 14, 2018
A message from Superintendent Yeomans

Dr. YeomansWe know the past few weeks were very challenging and stressful for our families, students, staff and community. We all have times in our lives when we are faced with situations that take time and care to work through. We appreciate the patience of everyone during this time and are excited that school is back in session.

When it comes to making decisions which have long-term ramifications, careful analysis and consideration of future impact are vital for the long-term stability of our district.

I am aware that the time required to find a resolution has had a significant impact on many relationships within our community. Given the parameters provided by the state, bargaining teams were not able to rush to a quick decision.

We have taken time to carefully work in collaboration and find a solution which will have the least amount of impact on students and existing programs. During negotiations we were cautious and prudent at a time in which it was required.

As we move forward we must consider, each day, what is best for students, staff, and community members.

Our district is a family. We recognize this and celebrate this.

At times, finding solutions that work for ALL family members takes time, patience, and persistence. With the future of our students and community in mind, we have done just that. 

We continue to make investments in our staff members, our schools, our facilities, and the tools that support learning. Thanks to decisions made by the board of directors over the past few years, the fruit of these investments is now in place and will allow us to work toward the goal of preparing each child for a meaningful post-high school opportunity.

Superintendent Tim Yeomans