Happy New Year! Wow, 2018 is here.  As you know we started the year with extreme cold temperatures. Thank you for sending your students in warm coats ready to brave the elements. By the time you read this, the first week of school for the year 2018 has come and gone.

    Our students have settled in and gotten back in the routine of working hard in becoming successful students here at Zeiger. Our first trimester academic scores have been a great indicator of how hard our students have been working.

    Academics and social development go hand in hand. The learning community here at Zeiger has been diligent in making sure we create an environment where each child feels nurtured here.

    As a reminder. Buses in our bus loop have priority. Here are two important windows of time. From 8am to 8:45am only busses are allowed in the loop. In the afternoon from 2:45pm to 3:15pm only busses are allowed in the loop. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping all of  Zeiger safe.

    Thank you for your continued partnership. I am honored to serve you and your students. Here at Zeiger, we strive each day to make Zeiger your students’ home away from home.


    Happy New Year!