Did you know that the meteorologists have said that we have gotten more than our share of rain for this year 2017? Here’s hoping for a beautiful spring, followed by abundant sunshine.

Speaking of spring, next week we celebrate spring break from Monday 10th to Friday 14th April. Have a great break, take time for some fun and laughter and return recharged to finish the year strong.

On May1st, we begin our Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) testing schedule. Students have been working hard this year and at various points in time, the classroom teacher has been giving assessment to determine students’ progress.

The SBA is an assessment designed to determine students’ performance and teachers’ pedagogy. Since these young people are very familiar with the technology, we encourage all students to participate as a way to gain the experience of computer testing.

Parents, I am reaching out to you for us to partner in this testing effort for our students’ success.

As always, I say thank you for the incredible opportunity that you have given me in serving you and your students and our wider Zeiger community. I will continue to put my best effort each day to demonstrate to each student that as Principal I lead by example in showing I care about each student in our Zeiger family.

Happy Spring Break. Have fun with the family and we look forward in welcoming your return.


Angelo Mills